About Max & Tom Marvell

Max and Tom Marvell aka ‘Marvell’ are a singer/songwriting brother duo from Sydney’s northern beaches, who like their superhero name, are able to jump genres in a single bound. With a ‘cruisey’ laid back sound, their vocal tones are super easy on the ear, whether they’re covering a 60’s blues song a current radio hit or one of their own compositions.

These two young men with distinctively different voices, have a great genetically connected sound in duet. Tom has a raspy vocal tone and draws his influences from Jimmy Barnes, Jimmy Hendrix and Otis Redding. Max brings a more mellow and pure tone to the duet with a good vocal range.

Max’s musical influences are a more mellow mix such as John Mayer, James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Cat Stevens, Eagles and Van Morrison. Max and Tom’s accomplished guitar skills, together with their laid back sound, make you want to grab a Corona and sit back amidst a sea of comfy cushions on a Sunday afternoon. The talented Marvell duo are turning heads across generations due to their cool chillax sound. Comfortable in a room full of partygoers or serenading a few mates at a barbecue, Marvell create the vibe and back beat to each gig to suit the audience.

Like famous brothers before them, Marvell could be the next Bee Gees, Finn or Emmanuel Brothers.